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Ministerial Credential Questionnaire
Dear Applicant,

        Let me take this opportunity to express my pleasure that you are considering serving the Lord Jesus Christ through the Six-Principle Baptist denomination. The process is quite involved, allowing full examination of us, and of yourself, to assure complete satisfaction when we recommend your ordination and availability to serve in any of our churches. We must be sure that you are a fit candidate, and that God is guiding you into our ministry. Thank you for your patience in this process; God, who called you, will also prepare the way.

General Information


The General Association of Six-Principle Baptists recognizes that God calls all members of the church to be ministers and witnesses to the Gospel in their lives and in society. It also recognizes that God calls some to be missionaries, evangelists, shepherds, overseers, pastors, and teachers, as servants, to prepare His people for service to others, and for the building up of the body of Christ (see Eph. 4:11-12).


Therefore, within the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists, those so called to these servant leadership roles are recognized and authorized to perform ministerial duties under the auspices of the General Association as either as a Licensed Minister or as an Elder (Ordained Minister), depending upon their ministerial experience and qualifications. 


All licenses and ordinations are approved by a council of ordained ministers. All ordinations are performed by the local church, or approved minister, with the General Association issuing the certificate of license/ordination.


  1. Licensed Minister: For all of those who have received the calling from God and have the will to respond in the most positive way, obtaining the ministerial license is the most correct avenue to begin this great undertaking of God in that it allows the new minister to begin his quest in accordance with church and/or denominational guidelines, the laws of the land, as well as the laws of God. The Licensed Minister is an intern Minister, an apprenticed Minister, and an official candidate for the Ordained Ministry. Those applying for Licensed Minister Credentials must be approved by the Credential Committee for acceptance as a Licensed Six-Principle Baptist Minister. Those applying for Licensed Minister Credentials will be guided by the Director of Licensed Ministers who will mentor them as they grow in the ministry. ( click here for more information)


  2. Elder (Ordained Minister): This is for those who have proven experience in ministry and meet the required qualifications for an ordained minister. Those applying for Six-Principle Baptist Elder Credentials (new or by transfer) must:
    1. Be approved by the Credential Committee for acceptance as an Ordained Six-Principle Baptist Elder, and
    2. Have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Theology or a related field--Bible, pastoral ministry, etc., approved by the Credential Committee, or
    3. Have a minimum of 5 years of proven ministry experience and a certificate or diploma in Theology or a related field--Bible, pastoral ministry, etc., approved by the Credential Committee, and
    4. Have been previously ordained in a laying on of hands ritual by a minister, or ministers, who also was previously ordained in a laying on of hands ritual, or
    5. If not previously ordained as above, the applicant must arrange for a laying on of hands by a SPB Elder (or other ordained minister having been ordained by a laying on of hands). Once the ritual has been performed, then proof of such laying on of hands having been performed must be submitted to the General Association by the minister performing the ritual before the applicant will be issued Elder Credentials by the General Association.


All applicants for either type of Ministerial Appointment must have been (or be) baptized with Believer's Baptism (baptized after having professed Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior), by immersion as the preferred mode, or if health or other conditions (environment, lack of sufficient water, etc.) prevent baptism by immersion, then baptism by pouring is acceptable as an alternative mode.

For most of the questions, etc., a brief paragraph is all that is needed, but please do not leave out any details that may be important to us as we consider your application.
PLEASE answer IN YOUR OWN WORDS. (We know what the Bible says but we need to know what you think)

Once the application below is submitted, we will also need the following:

  1. A recent photograph of yourself (this can be scanned and emailed to"
  2. If you are married, we would like to know if your spouse is in full agreement with your calling. A note from your spouse to this effect, although not required, would be helpful. (This may also be emailed to" )

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