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In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

The General Association of
Six-Principle Baptists

Established and Gathered at Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, A.D. 1652

To All Whom These Presents Come, Greetings, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus:

Knowest thou: We as the Ordaining Council of the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists in the Colonies of America, in emphatic separation from the Ecclesiastical Authority claimed of any Earthy Prince, in plenary congress assembled, have received, anointed, and ordained, and by these instruments do receive, anoint, and ordain, and further establish and declare by the authority of The Risen Lord Our Savior and Our Eternal Hope, Christ Jesus, that we do herewith Attest:

John Doe, Sr.

having been set apart in solemn and conspicuous public ceremony, received, charged, and Ordained Unto the Gospel Ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ and His sake, by the Congregation of Saints of Christ Jesus gathered in Covenant together at Opelika, Alabama on the 20th day of October in the Year of Our Lord 1978. In witness whereof, we do now present this

Writ of Holy Ordination

We do attest further that this Child of God, His Loving and faithful servant, hath before this assembly and all the Saints embraced the Word of God as Truth, fervently embraced the Kingdom of Heaven, and rejected in word and deed Satan and all his works. This same and present servant of Christ hath satisfied the Saints as to Christian Piety, by willing and compelling account of Rebirth in the Spirit, by public and conspicuous Baptism in Water, by stated and observed holy intention, by free affirmation of Bible Doctrine, and by Scriptural Qualification, to conduct duly all manner of business of Christ's Visible and Holy Church here gathered, and to Witness in ministry, act, and ordinance all those things that are to the Sovereign, Eternal Glory of God in Christ Jesus, Amen.

Executed before God Almighty in the Commonwealth, Colony, or Charter of Alabama under the aegis of this congress,
by, for, and with the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists, on this
1st day of February in the Year of Our Lord 2003.