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Charge to the Minister

The Church is the family of God, the body of Christ, and the temple of the Holy Spirit. All of its members are called to make Christ known as Savior and Lord, and as witnesses of His saving grace. Now if you have been called by God to serve as a Six-Principle Baptist minister, you are called to work as a pastor, evangelist, and teacher, together with your fellow ministers.

As a minister, it will be your task to proclaim by word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to fashion your life in accordance with its precepts. You are to love and serve the people among whom you work, caring alike for young and old, strong and weak, rich and poor. You are to preach, declare God's forgiveness to penitent sinners, to pronounce God's blessings, to share in the administration of the ordinances of the Gospel, and to perform the other ministrations entrusted to you.

In all that you do, you are to nourish Christ's people from the riches of his grace, and strengthen them to glorify God in this life and in the life to come.

  1. Do you believe that you are truly called by God to serve as a Six-Principle Baptist minister?
  2. Do you now in the presence of God commit yourself to this trust and responsibility?
  3. Will you be diligent in the reading and study of the Holy Scriptures, and in seeking the knowledge of such things as may make you a stronger and more able minister of Christ?
  4. Will you endeavor so to minister the Word of God and the ordinances of the Gospel, that the reconciling love of God, through Christ, may be known and received?
  5. Will you undertake to be a faithful minister to all whom you are called to serve, laboring together with them and with your fellow ministers to build up the family of God?
  6. Will you do your best to pattern your life [and that of your family, or household, or community] in accordance with the teachings of Christ, so that you may be a wholesome example to others?
  7. Will you persevere in prayer, both in public and private, asking God's grace, both for yourself and for others, offering all your labors to God, through the mediation of Jesus Christ, and in the sanctification of the Holy Spirit?